I am sure that it is well known with in the walls of Reebok, that Thursday will be my last day here at Reebok CrossFit ONE. I am following my dream of  having my own CrossFit box. I will be Opening CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder Colorado.

During my time here at Reebok CrossFit ONE I have been able to grow as a coach, as an athlete and as a person. None of this growth would have happened with out the support, love and empathy of my fellow coaches, my mentors and the incredible members at Reebok CrossFit ONE.

As a athlete, I have been able to say “I can” instead of “I’ll try”. I took to plunge into the team side of competition after 3 years of competing as an individual. I have been able to be inspired by my team members and take pride in their successes.

As a coach, I have developed an eye for seeing and correcting human movement. I have taken great strides to break bad habits of cueing, and worked tirelessly to find my true voice of coaching. Coaching has become the greatest part of my job.

As a person and as a human being; the members and fellow coaches have been my guides. I came to Reebok as an only child and as an individual, knowing only, that I loved this thing called CrossFit. I am leaving Reebok CrossFit ONE with my “Why”, my reason and my purpose. The service is the “why ” and perhaps the most overlooked part of my past 4 years. The service I speak of is the service to others. Police, Military and Firefighters and EMTs know the type of service that I speak of, the service that makes a difference in a very profound way. I know now that i don’t just think i can make a difference, I believe that I can.

Still, Reebok CrossFit ONE has a special place in my heart. I believe that this breeding ground for education and excellence has a softer story. In the last 2 years, Reebok Crossfit ONE has done what others said was unrealistic and a far cry from attainable.What has been done is that we have dared to care enough to make people better, one hour at a time.

As this rounds out my last week at Reebok, I want to extend my greatest appreciation to the Members, team , and coaches that have shaped me. If there is ever a time that anybody finds them selves out in Boulder or the Denver area, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Caleb@crossfitsanitas.com is where you can always reach me.