***Please note:  All classes are in the box tomorrow as usual! ***

**Member Challenge**

Max Distance Sled Push, in 1 Minute


Warm Up

Group Dynamic






Power Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dips

 *NOTE: Technique For Movements Will Be Covered In Class

After Bash

Wall Walks



Level 1:


Power Cleans

Jumping Dips

Level 2:


Cleans (Scaled Load)

Static Plane Dips

  Level 3:

Scaled Load on Cleans

Scaled Number of Dips

(Further Scaling Options Will Be Available From Your Coach In Class)


Endurance WOD

 Against a 4 minute Running clock

Run a 400
20 Slam Balls
Max Double Unders
Rest 2 minutes

4 rounds.


Mobility WOD
Recovery(10min): Purpose – target calfs, IT bands

2 min/side rolling calfs on lax ball
2 min down dog
2 min/side rolling IT bands on roller

Prep(20min): Purpose – target shoulders/ feet

2 min/side /partner internal rotation stretch
2 min/side /partner external rotation stretch

2 min/side roll feet on lax ball

Travel WOD
7 Rounds for time:
7  Lunges
7 Dumbbell Thrusters
21 Sit Ups