**Member Challenge**

Try to get some points on the Monkey Bar Challenge for the month of December!!


Warm Up

CrossFit Warm Up 3X15


Handstand Push Up


Five Rounds for Time of:
275/185 pound Dead-lift, 7 reps
30 Squats
7 Handstand push-ups

After Bash




Level 1:

 3 Rounds
7 Dead-lifts (65/95)
15 Air Squats
7 Push Ups

Level 2:

5 Rounds:
Scale load on Dead-lifts as needed
30 Air Squats
Modify Handstand push ups

  Level 3:


(Further Scaling Options Will Be Available From Your Coach In Class)


Endurance WOD

Take 10 minutes to find a heavy Snatch

for time;

800m run
30 Snatches at 65%
800m run


Mobility WOD

Recovery(10min): Purpose – target lower body/rack position

2 min/side – roll IT bands
2 min/side – rack position stretch w/bands off rig

Prep (20min): Purpose – target overhead, posterior chain

3 min – roll spinal erectors w/double lax ball holding onto plate

2 min/side in each position – super squat sequence
3×10 squat therapy

Travel WOD
Run 200 meters,
Run 400 meters,
Run  600 meters,
Run 800 meters,
Run 600 meters,
Run 400 meters,
Run 200 meters
Rest the amount of time it takes  you to run each distance that precedes the rest.