How has/can CrossFit effected your life outside the walls of the CF Box?


“Think Outside the Box”

 Premise –

 People who are Fit For Life Change the World.

 Here at Reebok CrossFit ONE we believe that we can change the world through fulfilling peoples true potential.

We see the type of people you are inside the box and we know those same characteristics can spill into your life, if you are aware. For the next 30 days we want you to draw parallels to what we do inside the box, to your life outside the box.  The following three virtues will be the backbone of this challenge.  We want you to read each one, and answer the questions under each.  Send in your responses to Jared, Austin, or Chad.  Email addresses are as follows:

Passion – A drive that lives in you to make a difference. A passion to give back. In the gym it shows up in your intensity during workouts and consistency to come. To make one self better – leading to wanting to spread the passion to others. 

  1. How can/has this same passion for fitness activate(d) a passion for something else in your life?

  2. What have you always had passion for, but never acted on? Can/have you act(ed) on it because of the confidence built up in the box?

Integrity – Honoring your word with actions. Inside the box this shows up in meeting movement and repetition standards as well as showing up on time. Your word and actions are as important inside the box as in life.

  1. How can/has the integrity you hold inside the box translate(d) to your integrity with your family, co-workers, friends?

  2. Ask yourself where you’re lacking integrity and why? You do it everyday in here, now it’s time to take it home!

  3. Has the meaning of integrity changed since you have started CrossFit? 

Perseverance – The feeling of fear and doubt that is overcome by courageous action. Getting it done, no matter how daunting. In the box you show perseverance everyday when you see that workout on the board or on the website and you show up, grab hold of that barbell and finish the workout. We know work and home life present many similar (but not nearly as difficult…let’s be honest!) challenges.

  1. Think about what you accomplish in the box and use that as fuel to attack a challenge at work or home. (If you show up at home or work and say to yourself “I’m smoked from the workout today and can’t put in effort to help or complete something” then you and we have failed)

  2. How has/can this show up in your life?

  3. What CrossFit WOD has changed your outlook on tasks that you have had to complete?