**Member Challenge**

Try to get some points on the Monkey Bar Challenge for the month of December!!


Warm Up

Group Dynamic Warm Up


Over head Squats


Team WOD

6 Total Rounds
Partner 1: Row 200m
Partner 2: AMRAP OHS (155/115)

After Bash

Inverted Ring Lowers



Level 1:

4 Rounds, Row 200 m, (65/35)

Level 2:

6 Rounds, Row 200 m, (135/95) or scale the load as necessary

Level 3: 

as RX’d

(Further scaling options will be available from your coach in class)


Mobility WOD

Recovery(10min): Purpose – target hamstrings, overhead

2 min/side: roll hamstrings on box; flex and extend leg
3 minutes: Stretch thoracic spine over roller, holding on to KB

Prep (20min): Purpose – target hips, overhead

2 min/side in each position

3 minutes  hitting thoracic spine with dual lacrosse balls


Travel WOD
3 Rounds:
200 M Run
15 Thrusters with Dumbbells (55/35)