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Thursday 1-3-13

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Warm Up Group Dynamic Warm Ups  SKILL Breaking down this workout WOD  EMOTM for 15 Minutes 1 Power Clean 1 Front Squat 1 Shoulder to Overhead 1 Back Squat 1 Shoulder to overhead After Bash 500 meter row ——————————————————– (Scaling options will be available from your coach in class) ——————————————————————————————————— Mobility WOD Recovery(10min):Purpose – target upper thoracic and lats Spend 5 min rolling upper thoracic on foam roller – holding onto KB 2 min/side rolling lats Prep(20min): Purpose – target hips, overhead, squat 2 min/side on each position...

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CrossFit Endurance Update

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Hey Gang! Although Caleb – the founder and heart behind our CrossFit Endurance class – has moved on to open his own affiliate in Boulder, CO, the Endurance Class will continue on. Caleb left some huge shoes to fill and, going forward, I will do my best to fill them and promise to bring the same passion and dedication towards this class as he did. Class times will remain the same: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  2pm – 3pm in the back half of the box. See you there!!

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