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Friday 1-11-13

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***Weekly Member Challenge*** In 2 Minutes: Max Medicine Ball “Clusters” (20/14) (medicine ball clean-thrusters)  Warm Up Coaches Choice  SKILL Logistics and Flow WOD Team Diane 42-30-18 Dead-lift Handstand Push-Ups One person works while the other rests  After Bash  Mobility ——————————————————– (Scaling options will be available from your coach in class) ——————————————————————————————————— Endurance WOD Warm Up/Skill (20 min): 5 min strapless rowing, 10 min hip mobility WOD: 15 minutes of constant rowing 5:00 @90%, 5:00 @50%, 5:00@90@ Post distance After Bash: Roll IT bands,...

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