With the New Year here, we wanted to make you guys aware of some of the schedule highlights that we have to offer here at Reebok CrossFit ONE.

  • CrossFit Endurance Class: Is STILL ON! The class will be at the same times and same days! Our CrossFit Endurance coaches will be taking care of you!
  • Olympic Lifting Class: Is STILL ON! The class will be coached by Spencer Hendel once per week and by another coach on the days he is not here! The class will be at the same time!
  • Video Analysis Class: This class will be on Tuesdays at 2:00pm and it will be limited to 8 people per class. We will be taking video of your movement and then break it down there on the spot, we will be doing the Olympic lifts and higher skill gymnastics. This class will be coached by me, Austin Malleolo
  • The 7:00am Class on Tuesday’s and Thursday are no longer in effect, due to low attendance.
  • Starting the Week of January 15th, Denise Thomas will be coaching a woman’s only strength class from 7:30 – 8:30am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s!
  • On Ramp Starts on January 7th, with a 7:30MWF, 12:00MWF and a 4:45MWTH,  You can Sign up here!!! Click here

Excited to see you all at the box! Happy New Year!