Hey Gang!

Apologies on the late  notice but tomorrow’s Endurance WOD will be un-coached. However, I programmed a WOD so that all can still come at 2pm and complete. Just check in with Lindsey coaching the 2pm Master’s (after you sign in on the computer!!) and let her know you’re doing the Endurance WOD and you’ll be good to go!! (The WOD will be posted on the board in the back room as well.)

See you all on Monday – Have an awesome weekend!!!



Warm Up

Row 5 Min at Conversation Pace


2 x15

Good Mornings (w/PVC)

Sampson Stretch




6 x 250m Row

Immediately Following Each Interval – Set of Max Effort Hand Release Push Ups

(Rest 4 minutes after each interval)

Post interval times and push ups to comments!

After Bash

Mobility – Roll Glutes and Hams with Softball