***Weekly Member Challenge***
In 2 Minutes:
Max Medicine Ball “Clusters” (20/14)
(medicine ball clean-thrusters) 

Warm Up

Coaches Choice


Logistics and Flow


Team Diane


Handstand Push-Ups

One person works while the other rests

 After Bash



(Scaling options will be available from your coach in class)


Endurance WOD

Warm Up/Skill (20 min): 5 min strapless rowing, 10 min hip mobility

WOD: 15 minutes of constant rowing

5:00 @90%, 5:00 @50%, 5:00@90@
Post distance

After Bash:
Roll IT bands, hamstrings, glutes


Mobility WOD

Recovery(10min): Purpose – target overhead and hips/glutes/hams

2 min/leg high hip floss
2 min / arm – smash subscap

Prep(20 min): Purpose – target posterior chain, overhead position

2 min / side in the first two exercises


2 min/side rolling hamstrings with softball on a box

2 min/side rolling glutes with softball on box

3 rounds
10 good mornings
10 RDLs


   Travel WOD

Deadlift (use Kettlebells if a barbell is available)
Handstand Push-Ups