tim E

I CrossFit to stay alive so I can spend time with my wife and kids. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I am a few weeks from turning 52. My father dropped dead of a massive heart attack a few weeks beyond his 51st birthday. I hit a major milestone this past year in living longer than my Dad. His brother and father also died from heart attacks. Scary.

I was an adult when my Dad passed but I had kids later in life and they are all still in their teens. I want to be there for them when they graduate high school, college, get married, have kids and all the milestones in their futures. I want to grow old with my wife, Cindy. I want to stay alive.

After my Dad passed I saw how short life was and threw myself in to fitness activities. I became a cyclist and raced with a local team. Cindy and I were taking karate when my Dad died and I went after it hard to get my black belt in record time. I continued taking on different activities to stay fit like running, cycling, kayaking, hitting the machines at the fitness center. I also became a fixture on the hoops court for the lunch time basketball game where I was well known for getting injured (including concussions!).

When we first started having workouts in the new box I really enjoyed the group atmosphere. Even though you were working on your own you felt as part of the team. Over the last 2.5 years I’ve come to look forward to my hour in the box whether for a WOD or for Oly Class. It’s like family.

I am quite certain CrossFit is going to help keep me alive. I am eating healthier. I am putting meat on this skinny body (I weigh more than I ever had and I am happy about it). I feel in better shape than when riding centuries on my bike. I look forward to being at my kids graduations and seeing their grand-kids. I hope I can embarrass them to when I come home from a WOD with my knee high socks on!

Why I root for our RCF1 Team- same reason I root for the Patriots and the Red Sox. It’s our home team. It’s family. You support your home team and your family. I like being able to repay our coaches who root us on and push us through WOD’s. It’s our turn to push them though the WOD’s. Since we don’t get to see them workout much it’s also quite inspiring to see how all their hard work comes to fruition in competition. And, it’s family.



Editors Note:

Tim is one of our most consistent athletes, his passion, motivation and deep love for CrossFit inspires us every day.  Thanks for sharing Tim!