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ONE Nation,

Time to get FIRED UP. We are excited to announce that we will be refocusing & renewing all of our Specialty Classes!

Starting in August, we will offer the following classes on a weekly basis — Olympic Lifting, Men’s & Women’s Strength, and Endurance. Here’s the scoop on our refocusing efforts…

We’ve seen the opportunity for athletes to create tremendous adaptation within these specialty classes. However, we’ve seen some of the enthusiasm wane over the past few months — we want to bring the life and fire to these sessions! Our coaching staff reevaluated these programs and refocused the programming to better benefit our community. In addition, we will hold an internal competition at the end of each programming cycle allowing you to test your fitness.

Your Commitment:

1.) Reflect on your fitness, health, and goals. Think about what you want out of your fitness, what you never tried, or what you are scared of trying…and try it.

2.) Set a goal for yourself. Whether it’s to compete, set a personal record, or simply experience something new; we want each one of you to set a new goal entering these new specialty classes.

With a renewed focus on both ends, we are confident that these speciality classes will be a fantastic addition to our program.

In the next two weeks, you have an amazing opportunity to meet with a coach to discuss your goals and discover how we can help you get there. Feel free to grab us after class or email us to setup a time to talk outside of the box. There’s no better time than now to realize your goals.

ONE Nation.



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