Tuesday 09-17-13


Tuesday, September 17 WOD

On Thursday, September 19, we will be on the field from 2:15-4:00PM running three, 30-minute workouts in support of adidas Group’s biggest running event ever, the Run Around the Globe. This event will happen in most of the adidas Group’s locations worldwide, and of course we’d like to play, too—representing Reebok and Rockport. Hope to see you there!

Warm Up

Basic Rings




For time:
10x Muscle-up
10x Box Jump, 40″
25-yard Farmer’s Carry with 55/35-lb. dumbbells
8x Muscle-up
8x Box Jump, 40″
25-yard Farmer’s Carry
6x Muscle-up
6x Box Jump, 40″
25-yard Farmer’s Carry
4x Muscle-up
4x Box Jump, 40″
25-yard Farmer’s Carry
2x Muscle-up
2x Box Jump, 40″
25-yard Farmer’s Carry

After Bash

Agility Drills

Travel WOD

Five rounds for time:
10x Pull (i.e., Row, Pull-down, Pull-up, etc.)
10x Tuck Jump
200-meter Run


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