Thursday 1-9-14



Warm Up:

Coach’s Choice


Double Under


Front Squat (205/145)
100 Double Under

After Bash:

T-Spine Smash w/ Peanut & Plate

ONE Nation: (this is for you if you have aspirations of competing in any way, shape or form…to be done before/after class on own time…ask if you are interested)

Pre- WOD – Front Squat 2RM (From Rack);
Post-WOD – 10×2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (65% of 1 RM Jerk)

Travel WOD:

10 to 1 by 1 of Weighted Squats (bear hug suitcase)
10 to 100 by 10 of Jumping Jacks

New Classes Start This Week! 

Details here…


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