Warm Up:

Coach’s Choice


FGB Strategy


Fight Gone Bad
Three rounds of:
3 rounds:
1:00 Wall Balls
1:00 SDHP (75/55)
1:00 Box Jumps (20″)
1:00 Push Press (75/55)
1:00 Row for Calories
1:00 Rest

After Bash:


ONE Nation Competitors:

The volume overall for competitors this week is lower than the previous two weeks. Hit what you get as hard as you can, with as much focus as you can. Effort > Everything.

Same as Class – including after bash

RCF1 Strength

Warm Up: 

Hip/Shoulder Prep
15 front Squats (Bar)
15 Hip Extensions
15 Pull ups


-Heavy single front squat


-5 sets of 3 touch n go power C & J at 50%
-200m sled pull Light/Moderate
-100 weighted situps

Travel WOD:

3 Rounds for Reps:
1:00 Air Squat
1:00 Suitcase SDHP
1:00 Tuck Jumps
1:00 Pushups
1:00 Double Unders
1:00 Rest

New Classes at RCF1!

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