***Attention due to the delayed opening until 10:00am there will be no 6:30am class or 7:30am On Ramp***

***We will have regular classes from 11:00am on***

Warm Up:

2 x Heavy Snatch Pull


Snatch Pull


On The Minute x 8 – 3 Snatch (65% of 1 Rep Max)
Rest 3:00
On The Minute x 8 – 3 Clean & Jerk (65% of 1 Rep Max)

After Bash:

Shoulder Mobility

ONE Nation Competitors:

Same as Class – including after bash

Travel WOD:

5×10 Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch
5×10 Dumbbell Squat Clean

New Classes at RCF1!

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