Wednesday 1-8-2014



Warm Up:

Basic Gymnastics




In Teams of 2 Complete:
1200m Row (alt every 300)
3 Rounds:
40 Wall Ball (20, 14)
30 Knee to Elbow
20 Burpee Over Box (20″)
1200m Row (alt every 300)

After Bash:


ONE Nation: (this is for you if you have aspirations of competing in any way, shape or form…to be done before/after class on own time…ask if you are interested)

10 Mins Practice Freestanding HS, HS Walk

Travel WOD:

600 m Run
20 Jump Squats
15 V-ups
10 Burpee
600 m Run

New Classes Start This Week! 

Details here…



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