Friday 2-21-14

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***Sign up for the Open – Directions here!***

Warm Up:

Team Warm-up


Strategy, Baby


In Teams of 4, Complete in Order…

Wall Ball (20,14)
Box Jump (30,24)
Row (for Calories)
Dumbell Squat Clean

*Workout is done gauntlet style. One athlete starts, next athlete cannot proceed to next station until the athlete in ahead finishes. All four athletes must complete the workout in order — 21, then 15, then 9 of each movement. (Eg – when Athlete 1 finishes the 21st burpee, he/she must run back to the start for the set of 15 Wall Balls.)

After Bash:

Recover / Discuss the Open

ONE Nation Competitors:

Same as Class – including after bash

Travel WOD:

Weighted Squat
Tuck Jump
Unweighted Squat
Burpee Broad Jump

New Classes at RCF1!

Details here…


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