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Warm Up:

On a Continuously Running Clock for 15 Minutes and in Groups of 3…
Work up to a Heavy Double Back Squat each. Record all three scores. Score is combined weight of group.


The Squat


On a Continuously Running Clock for 15 minutes…
1:00 of Back Squat (135,95)
2:00 of Double Unders
3:00 of Clean and Jerk (135, 95)
4:00 of Burpee over Bar
5:00 of Power Snatch (135, 95)

*Score is Total Reps Completed

After Bash:

3×20 Weighted Sit-ups

ONE Nation Competitors:

Double Tabata Row (for max meters)
8 rounds :40 / :20 off

3×20 Weighted Sit-ups
3×30 Hip Extensions
3×40 Band Pull-Aparts

RCF1 Strength – Competition Day!

Warm Up: 

Hip/Shoulder Prep

Max Deadlift
Max Snatch
Max Front Squat
Max Push Press

Travel WOD:

1:00 Weighted Air Squat
2:00 Tuck Jumps
3:00 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch
4:00 Burpee Over Object
5:00 Dumbbell Clean and Jerk

New Classes at RCF1!

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