Tuesday 2-4-14

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***Sign up for the Open – Directions here!***

Warm Up:

Basic Barbell




For Time:
Deadlift (225,155)
Burpee Over Bar

After Bash:

Hamstring Stretch

ONE Nation Competitors:

100m Handstand Walk, For Time
Practice / Accumulate Max Distance Handstand Walk in 10:00
Scap Activation Phase

RCF1 Strength

Warm Up: 

Hip/Shoulder Prep
15 Wall Squats
15 Hip extensions
15 Push Ups
15 Pull ups


- Dumbbell bench 5 sets of 3 working sets


- Heavy single clean and Jerk
- 200m sled pull variation
- 50 toes to bar

Travel WOD:

Suitcase Deadlift
Burpee Over Object

New Classes at RCF1!

Details here…



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