Warm Up

Team Warm up


Power Clean


In Teams of 3, For Reps:
On 20 Min Running Clock
:30 Max Burpee Box Jumps (24,20)
:30 Max Hang Power Clean (115,75)
:30 Rest

Workout will consist of (2) 9:00 work periods and a 2:00 rest period

Score is reps of both Burpee Box Jump / Power Clean

Athlete 1 starts on BBJ, Athlete 2 Starts on Power Clean, Athlete 3 starts in Rest station. At 321go, each Athlete completes :30 of work. At the end of :30, the team rotates. Athlete 1 moves to Power Clean, Athlete 2 moves to Rest, and Athlete 3 moves to Burpee Box Jump. Continue for 20 mins.

After Bash:


ONE Nation Competitors:

Team Workout or Rest Day

Travel WOD:

On a 20min running clock:
:30 Max Burpees
:30 Max Broad Jumps
:30 Rest

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