Thursday 6-5-14



Attention RCF1! Yoga with Brooke Snyder starts Thursday, June 5th from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. It’s only $10 a class – time to get mobile!!!

Warm Up:

Every Minute On the Minute for 8 Minutes of:
4 Front Rack Lunges (2 each leg, heavy)


Front Rack Lunge


4 Rounds For Time:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)
10 Front Rack Lunges (155/105)
15 Burpees

ONE Nation Competitors:

Reebok CrossFit One WOD

After Bash:


Travel WOD:

4 Rounds For Time:
5 Dumbell Thrusters (35/55)
10 Dumbell Lunges (35/55)
15 Burpees



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