***We are inviting all individual qualifying athletes to Reebok CrossFit ONE to train in a highly competitive setting in preparation for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

We believe training with athletes who are as good as you, if not better, will push your limits and expand the margins of your experience. In addition to the physical and mental challenge, this is an unrivaled opportunity to train with the fittest athletes in the world. That is the purpose of the Training Grounds. Read More 

Warm Up:

Coach’s Choice


Every Minute On the Minute for 8 Minutes of:
2 Muscle Snatch
*Strengthen the Third Pull
*Light Loads


“Taste the Blood”
10 Rounds Each:
Teams of 2
3 Power Snatch (145/105)
100m Sprint

*You go, I go*

ONE Nation Competitors:

Reebok CrossFit One WOD

After Bash:

2 Rounds of The Burgener Warm Up with the PVC Pipe

Travel WOD:

10 Rounds:
Every 90 Seconds Complete:
4 Dumbbell Power Snatch (Alternating)
100m Sprint