***Track WOD outside this week is on FRIDAY! It’s tan time before the weekend!!!
**This Monday, September 1st, 9AM -5PM — Come down to RCF1 to throw down with or watch Team Reebok North and Team Reebok East!!!
*Click on this link to sign up for The CrossFit Team Series!!! 

Warm Up:

Coach’s Choice


Rope Climb


In teams of 2:
3 Rounds For Time:
20 Bodyweight Clean & Jerks
6 Rope climbs

After Bash:

Accumulate 2:00 under 110% of 1RM back squat

ONE Nation Competitors:

RCF1 WOD with (225/155) for weights and legless rope climbs

Travel WOD:

3 Rounds For Time:
20 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
20 One Arm Dumbbell Rows (10/arm)