Monday 9-29-14



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Warm Up:

Partner Rowing Warm Up


Handstand Push Up


5 Rounds:
On a 2 Minute Clock:
Row 250m
Max Handstand Push Ups
1 Minute Rest

*Score is total handstand push ups. No gaming the row.

After Bash:

Mobility: 2 min lacrosse ball/each shoulder
Mobility Drill – Overhead Squat with hands as close as possible (45/35)
Accumulate 25 Reps

ONE Nation Competitors:

RCF1 WOD + Max Handstand Walk

*Score is total hand walking distance in meters

Travel WOD:

5 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
1 Max Push Ups
1 Minute Rest

*Score is total push up reps


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