Tuesday 4-21-15



Flexibility is BACK! Thursdays @ 5:30 – Come see Kyle Norton for 30 – 45 minutes to get your stretch on!

Warm Up:

Basic Bodyweight (BBW)
• Round 1: Squat, push-up, sit-up, pull-up (strict), back extension
• Round 2: Lunge, dip (strict), V-up, kipping pull-up, hip extension
• Round 3: Pistol, handstand push-up, toe to bar (straight leg and strict), muscle-up (strict), hip and
back extension


Push Jerk


Push Jerk

After Bash:

400m Empty Sled Push

ONE Nation Competitors:

Add body weight to sled

Travel WOD:

3×20 Dumbbell Push Press

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