***It is our pleasure to let you all know that Erika Snyder will be taking her next step in her coaching career as the Head Coach at CrossFit One Nation – Waltham. She will not be moving on immediately, as the transition will take place over the next few months. So have no fear, there will be many more ridiculous warm up games for us all!***

Warm Up:

Coaches Choice


Handstand Walk


For Load THEN Time:
10 Min to Establish Heavy Hang Power Clean
At the 10 Min Mark:
50 Hang Power Clean (75/55)
100′ Handstand Walk

After Bash:

Wrist Flexibility

ONE Nation Competitors:

RCF1 WOD 115/75 / 150 feet

Travel WOD:

For Time:
50 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean
100 Foot Handstand Walk