Tuesday 3/21/17


Reebok CrossFit ONE Coaches Development Program — Spend a week observing, coaching classes, receiving feedback, and learning more about effective program design and class structure. — For more details on how to apply email:Info@reebokcrossfitone.com

CLOSING THE OPEN! Thursday night! Join us in watching the final open announcement! WOD & Beers to follow!

Coaches Choice

5 rounds for time:
50 yard plate push
12 burpees
25 yard overhead walking lunge 45/25
**James Hobart Special

Decrease loading on the OH walking lunge
Scale the burpee reps to maintain intensity in the workout

3×10 bent over rows with the plate they are using for the workout
**superset with 5-10 strict pull-ups or 2-3 strict muscle ups after each set

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