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I have accepted a position over in the main building.  This will mean that I am no longer going to be a full time coach.  The Reebok CrossFit ONE community is the best on earth!  My journey started here almost a year ago exactly, and I have looked forward to coming to ONE every single day since I started.  Nothing will change with my new role in Athlete Services.  Just because my title has changed doesn’t mean I don’t still call Reebok CrossFit ONE my home, and also doesn’t mean I’m not a coach anymore!  I will be joining regular group classes to train and will be a guest coach for classes from time to time.  Men’s Strength classes will LIVE ON!  The experiences in the past year for me have ranged from snowy blizzards, driving my fiancé up from Florida to pushing all of you studs to new PR’s.  I am very grateful for every experience.  Thank you for opening the doors to a Florida boy and welcoming me as one of your own.

With the spring comes a new challenge for myself in this new role.  I will go from the expert in guiding you in the gym, to leaning on you for help in the corporate setting.  With that said, here’s to seeing you on the other side…



  1. Congrats JD! Thanks for all of the help and support in the past, and I know this is a great opportunity for you. I’m not sure if they mentioned, but Tank Top Friday may be frowned on here in the main building.

    On a related note…

  2. My Man…You will be missed.

    • Congrats Jared!

  3. we’ll miss you every day JD, it won’t be the same here without you.

  4. You are one of a kind! What a guy! Athlete services won’t know what’s hit them ;) #changinglives We love you, Boy’s Strength ;)

  5. Congrats on your new role and I look forward to seeing you “over here”!

  6. Congrats buddy….good luck!

  7. Welcome to the other side, JD!! Can’t wait to see you in “slacks”.

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