Getting Started

Welcome to RCF1!


Employee Only On-Ramp Program

We wish we could be your first introduction to CrossFit, but we are only open to Reebok, Rockport, and Adidas Group employees.  If you are interested in trying CrossFit and are NOT an employee of the above mentioned companies, please reach out to another great CrossFit Affiliate to begin your fitness journey. Click HERE to find an affiliate near you.


STEP ONE: Sign up!
Sign up for our 4-week elements course, starting the first week of every month. The course will consist of eleven 1-hour sessions, where you will be introduced to CrossFit through lectures, movements, and workouts (WODs). The last day includes joining a regular class where you will receive a Reebok CrossFit ONE logbook and certificate.

STEP TWO: Choose a time!
Choose to attend a morning, midday or evening class for the 4 weeks
Morning classes meet, Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 7:30am
Midday classes meet, Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Noon
Evening classes meet, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 4:45pm

STEP THREE: What to bring!
This course has been designed to meet the fitness levels of any individual who possesses the desire to be better. All we ask you to bring is a great attitude and open-mind. Wear Reebok athletic clothing and shoes.

Sign Up Here: 4 Week On Ramp Starting Monday, February 9th – Click Here!

Let us know if you have any questions! (

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