Our History

Reebok CrossFit ONE has come a long way in a very short period of time. In 2010/2011 RCF1 took over 7,000 square feet on the campus of Reebok Headquarters with 3 coaches, a few barbells, a handful of members and a vision to bring CrossFit to Reebok! While the coaches knew that they were on the verge of something special, the company and its employees took a bit more convincing.

Not long after the CrossFit affiliate was introduced to campus, Reebok held a large fitness experience for all the employees. On the back lawn of Reebok HQ, 800 employees had their first exposure to CrossFit with a 7­minute AMRAP of PVC overhead squats, push­ups, and sit­ups. The event was a huge success as 77 employees signed up to participate in the first On Ramp course. Word continued to spread within the company and another 55 employees participated in the next series of On Ramp classes. Within a month membership grew from a handful to over 130!

Reebok CrossFit ONE was becoming the employees preferred means of fitness and as the membership grew, the gym grew with it. Walls were knocked down transforming the facility from 7,000 square feet into 12,000 square feet. Turf was rolled out, a 75­foot pull­up rig was installed and more equipment was purchased to handle the influx of members. RCF1 was taking shape fast. Today, RCF1 has become the home away from work to Reebok employees. As the growth and productivity continues in the main building, RCF1 grows right alongside them.

Monday thru Friday RCF1 is home to all Reebok employees. On weekends, RCF1 hosts CrossFit L1 Seminars, CrossFit L2 Seminars, CrossFit Specialty Seminars, and most notably, The Reebok CrossFit Regionals competition. Since it’s founding, RCF1 has sent a team to Regionals and has been home to both individual regional and Games level athletes. And this past year, under the direction of Austin Malleolo, RCF1 introduced the “Training Grounds”, a training camp for qualifying Games athletes exposing them to equipment, people and a community, unlike any other.

Of the roughly 1,000 employees at Reebok Headquarters, we proudly retain memberships from over 500 employees and we continue to grow each day. 200+ members have taken the L1 Seminar with some advancing to become interns and part time coaches. The membership at RCF1 ranges from college co­ops to our oldest member, 72 year old, Linda Broadford. C.E.O.’s, interns, security officers, designers, brand directors, and many other employees hang up their hat for an hour each day to get fitter together.

While the gym has grown, so has the coaching staff. RCF1 has grown from 3 employees to 7 full time coaches who spend their days improving the lives of each of its members. With more coaches, means more classes. RCF1 offers 10 classes a day allowing members to break away from their desk to unwind with some fitness. A 7 team coaching staff also makes it possible to accommodate our ever-growing class sizes, which can easily reach 50 people. It’s safe to say the barriers have been broken and the gym has become a routine place to relax, have fun and get fitter. The impact RCF1 has made and continues to make on the Reebok community is seen each and every day as the employees walk thru the door to take on the daily WOD.

At Reebok CrossFit ONE we truly believe CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s statement that, “fit people and strong communities can change the world.” We tirelessly strive to improve human movement and build and develop our community in order to express our fitness in everyday life for our Reebok HQ Employees!