***Classes will be ON THE BASKETBALL COURT this week for THE FALL FACE OFF!!!

Warm Up:

Coaches Choice


WOD Set Up


For Time:
100 Box Jump Overs
100 Overhead Squat (75/55)
100 Pull-ups
100 Shoulder to Overhead (75/55)
100 Burpees

*10 burpee penalty for dropping the bar. Bar must be handed off from hang position.

After Bash:


ONE Nation Competitors:

Do Class As hard a possible – if you want more
Do 40 Squat Therapy reps
Move closer to wall every 10 reps

Travel WOD:

For Time:
50 Tuck Jumps
50 One Armed Dumbbell Overhead Squat (25/arm)
50 Towel Pull-ups
50 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
50 Burpees