*Need more stretching/mobility in your routine?
Come to RCF1’s:
FLEXIBILITY CLASS – Mondays @ 5:15 (30m – 1 hour)
YOGA -Thursdays @ 5:30 (1 hour)

Warm Up:

Full CrossFit Warm Up – With Variations




Three rounds for time:
10x Ground-to-overhead @ 95/65-lbs.
200-yard Shuttle Sprint (50 yards, down-and-back twice)

After Bash:

Three rounds; rest amply between rounds:
Max Ring Dip
Max Supine Ring Row

*This workout is scored by the total ring dips and supine ring rows completed from all three rounds.

ONE Nation Competitors:

Sandbag Sled Push
For Time:
50-meter Sprint
50-meter Sandbag Move
Sandbag Sled Load
50-meter Sled Push

Travel WOD:

Three rounds for time:
15x Lunge
10x Burpee
400-meter Run