Reebok CrossFit ONE Coaches Development Program — Spend a week observing, coaching classes, receiving feedback, and learning more about effective program design and class structure. — For more details on how to apply email: Info@reebokcrossfitone.com

***Attention members October 5th-9th we will be having a limited schedule due to GMM, class will be outside dress accordingly***

Friday: 0630, 1200

Warm Up:

Dynamic Warm-Up


Quad & Hip Mobility


Partner (alt)
6 Rounds – 3 each
100m walking lunge
300m run

*Partner A lunges/runs, Partner B rests
Retest from 5/14/2015

After Bash:

Rest and Recover

Travel WOD:

Squat Tabata
:20 squats/:10 rest x 8 rounds