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Matt DellaValle

MDValleMatt Joins us from nearby Natick, MA, where he previously coached at CrossFit New England. CrossFit is my absolute passion. For the past seven years, I lived and breathed this way of life.  Beyond astounding gains in fitness, CrossFit provides a refreshing perspective on life.

I first discovered CrossFit while studying law at William & Mary.  CrossFit allowed me to escape and step outside the library for  an hour each day.  My days as an attorney are behind me; however focusing my energy on my passion is what continue to drives me.

The most rewarding aspect of this life in CrossFit is coaching.  I own the privilege of helping everyday people become better.  Whether that is being a better mom, better dad, better police, better athlete, better friend, or even, just better at getting into your favorite jeans.  Helping another person in pursuit of their goals is the most rewarding proposition I could imagine.best decision of my professional life.

The above tells you why I enjoy CrossFit so much, but to understand for yourself, you should experience it.  I, or any other of our fantastic coaches, would love to talk to you more about CrossFit, your goals and how to take the first steps.  Feel free to email me anytime!


• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course • CrossFit Defense • CrossFit Goal Setting • CPR, American Heart Association



After graduating from Marine Officer Candidates School in August of 2008, Joe walked into his first WOD – “Murph” thinking he was physically tough and could dominate any task that would test this; when the WOD was finished, he realized that was not the case and was hooked. Never looking back, Joe has been passionate about the CrossFit lifestyle ever since. When he returned home to Boston after serving as a Marine officer in January 2011, he began working at CrossFit Southie before joining Reebok in March 2012. Since working as a full-time CrossFit coach, Joe has never been more satisfied and loves everything that CrossFit has to offer. The most rewarding aspect of coaching for him is seeing his athletes succeed in their pursuit of a more elite level of fitness and healthier lifestyle – and will work his hardest to help them achieve it.


• CrossFit: Level 1 • CrossFit: Coaches’ Prep • CrossFit: Endurance • CrossFit: Gymnastics • CrossFit: Mobility • CrossFit: Kettlebell • CrossFit: Striking • CrossFit: Kid’s • Former Officer United States Marine Corps • B.S. Economics – Finance, Bentley University 2009

Erika Snyder

ESnyderErika joined us from CrossFit Fenway with 2 years of coaching CrossFit under her belt. She graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2008 with a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology. In her college career, she participated in Division II Crew and Division I Women’s Rugby. She has very much enjoyed being a part of team sports since she was 6 all the way through college.

She started out as a personal trainer after school looking to strengthen her knee from a Rugby injury. After doing “Fran,” enduring her first 7 minutes of scaled awesome, she was completely hooked. Erika found CrossFit to be the safest and most efficient way to get her to her strongest. It did not take long for her to fall in love with the sport and want to coach, compete, and learn more about it.

CrossFit has provided her a new way of life. It has given her the tools to help advance other people’s mental and physical capabilities beyond what they expect of themselves. Since CrossFit has done that for her as an athlete and person, she is looking forward to the opportunity to do the same for others at ONE.


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Crossfit Coaches Prep
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CPR/AED American Heart Association


DThomasDenise re-joins Reebok CrossFit ONE after spending a year overseas as our Reebok CrossFit Ambassador. Over the last 15 years, Denise has been no stranger to travel, earning herself the nickname ‘Gypsy’from traveling the World as an International soccer player, and as part of the CFHQ Seminar Training Team. Denise brings a lot of experience, passion and smiles to Reebok with her British ways. Since finding CrossFit in 2008, she has competed at both the Regional level, the CrossFit Games, and has also experienced life on the other side of the barbell as a CrossFit Games Head Judge in 2011 & 2012. She loves seeing people demand more of themselves and seeing them achieve things they never knew possible – both in the gym and in life. On her travels, teaching CrossFit to the masses and representing Reebok, Denise shares her most powerful observation:

“I have taught CrossFit in almost 20 countries and one thing never changes – the message. Coach Glassman’s message never changes. Regardless of the language, the country, or the people in it, the message always stays the same. CrossFit changes lives, and fit people make the world a better place. It is an honor to be a part of this extraordinary group of people that genuinely care about each other…and who like to run, lift and throw stuff around. It’s brilliant! Most fun ever!”


• CrossFit: Level 1 • CrossFit: Level 2 • CrossFit: Coaches Prep (Certificate of Attendance) • CrossFit: Olympic Lifting • CrossFit: Gymnastics • CrossFit: Pose Running • CrossFit: Headquarters Level 1 & Coaches Prep Training Team



AustinAustin is the head coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE and has been in the world of CrossFit for 5 years, prior to that he was a personal trainer. His educational background is in Exercise Science where he received a BS in this field. Austin has a passion for

simply making people better and getting people moving in a way that will lead them to a better quality of life for as long as they can. He is a member of the CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar staff,  as well as a CrossFit Games competitor.  Austin has trained professional athletes to moms and dads, adaptive athletes to CrossFit Games Competitors. As the head coach at Reebok CrossFit ONE, his goal is to not only have the best moving box, best community driven box but also develop the best coaching staff in the world so they can one day branch out and make an even bigger impact on the world!


• CrossFit: Level 1 • CrossFit: Coaches Prep • CrossFit: Gymnastics • CrossFit: Mobility • CrossFit: Olympic Lifting • CrossFit: Endurance • CrossFit: Level 1 Seminar Staff Member

Crossfit Games

• 2010 Northeast Regional • 2010 CrossFit Games • 2011 Northeast Regional • 2011 CrossFit Games • 2012 Northeast Regional • 2012 CrossFit Games • 2013 Northeast Regional • 2013 CrossFit Games


ConorTo me, CrossFit is much more than a strength and conditioning program. It is a way of life. It is a fitness regiment that teaches discipline, integrity, and camaraderie. Since I was young, I was involved in sports. The best part about being on a sports team is knowing that the guys to your right and left have been through the same training and will be there for you no matter what, with all they got. CrossFit is a way to replicate team sports, military life, family, and brotherhood all rolled into one. I was introduced to it in January of 2007. At the time, it was just a new way to work out. But it became a way to shape my life into who I am and who I strive to be. The main purpose of the knowledge I have gained over the years, learning from some of the best in the business, is to transfer it to the people I coach. To me, the highlight of any CrossFit competition is not my own performance, but that of those I see day-to-day putting in hard work.


• CrossFit: Level 1 • CrossFit: Coaches Prep • CrossFit: Football • CrossFit: Endurance

Crossfit Games

• 2012 Latin America Regional • 2013 Latin America Regional



I have always been involved in sports but it wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I truly found my passion. I graduated from Northwood University in 2006 with a degree in Business and Sports Management and obtained my Masters in Business Administration in 2008. Attending a smaller University (D2) meant I didn’t have to give up either of the sports I loved; soccer and basketball. My first exposure to CrossFit was in 2010 where I was encouraged to give up my running routine and commit to CrossFit programming for one week. I’ve never looked back. In 2013, after years of managing a full time career and coaching part time, all while trying to qualify for the CrossFit Games, I took a risk and left the corporate world to pursue my passion, coaching and competing.. I’ve spent the last 15 months as a coach and manager, handling member relations and event coordination for CrossFit Gambit in St. Louis, Missouri. Taking the leap into coaching was the best decision I ever made. Every day I get to help people achieve their goals and watch as they accomplish tasks they never deemed possible. It’s such a rewarding profession. The most unique aspect of CrossFit is the community and I’m committed to building a positive, supportive and fun community in every CrossFit box I step into.


• CrossFit: Level 1 • CrossFit: Coaches Prep • CPR, American Heart Association

Crossfit Games

• 2011 North Central Regional, 6th Place • 2012 North Central Regional, 5th Place • 2013 North Central Regional, 5th Place • 2014 North Central Regional, 3rd Place • 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, 27th Place